[GameClub] How to submit a request

If you're having problems with your password, can't top up, in-game errors or just wanna ask something that you just don't know the answer to, even after reading thru the FAQs- what to do?

File a ticket! here's how.

First, go to the support site, that's and log in.

Click “Submit a Request”.Make sure to fill out all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*) to be able to submit the ticket.

Subject – This is the title of your ticket. i.e, Account Retrieval, My account is banned, Top-Up error and etc.

Game Title –choose the game that you are having issues with, it can either be Crossfire, Lovebeat or Weapons of  War.

UsernameYou have to provide the (your) username of the account that has been compromised. Please take note that you cannot report other people’s account.

EmailThis is the email address you have used in registering your GameClub account.


Remember that you have to provide the correct and complete information to expedite your request.

NameProvide your real full name. Do not write the name you have used in registering your GameClub account.

Date of BirthProvide your real birth date.

Secret Question & AnswerYou have to provide the secret question and answer you have selected when you registered your account.

DescriptionThis is where you have to provide the complete and accurate information of the concerned account you want to resolve.

  • Player/requester can attach their valid documents such as birth certificate, school and government IDs for fast processing of their request.

Category - There are 5 categories to choose from.

Account Related Concerns = Hack/Lost/Forgot Password, Change/retrieval of secret Q&A. Buying/Selling/Trading, Account Modification and Banned accounts.

Payment Concerns = Incorrect pins, used codes, blocked account due to multiple times of pinning wrong codes, inquiries from distributor and inquiries about selling ecoins.

Technical Concerns = Xtrap/patch error, connectivity and error while downloading clients.

General Inquiries = Clan issues, Item retrieval, Forum account concerns, prizes insertion/follow-up and updates of in-game events, mall events or internet café tournament.

Bug Reports = In-game error, disconnection and CF 3PP (third party program) or Hack Tool Program report.

For your convenience, we add the "Language" option, so that you can choose if you prefer our conversation in English or Taglish.

Once submitted, you will able to see your Ticket # and status.


Kindly wait for the response from our beloved and very supportive agents.


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